{Books With Love} Giveaway Hop! [CLOSED]

Love is in the air!  Well, somewhere.  Not the air around here precisely, but we are pretty sure maybe in Paris or Venice or Hollywood Boulevard there’s some serious heart-stopping romance going on.

And, what do you know? Apparently, there’s this thing, this whole holiday dedicated to naive brave young lovers everywhere.

It’s Valentine’s Day Folks!

And the only thing that comes remotely close to the heart-stopping, mind-bending sensation of the real thing is READING about the real… err… fictional thing, right!  Plus, you get the bonus factor of no messy break-ups at the end of the book. Sure, we might shed a few well-earned tears, but we get to simply pick up a new book and fall in love all over again. If ONLY the real-life version were that simple.

So, to celebrate this ridiculous magical holiday in style we decided to participate in the Valentine’s Day Books With Love Hop!

This cool little hop, hosted by the fabulousness that is the duo of  Yara @ Once Upon a Twilight and Dee @ Good Choice Reading.  There are over 80 blogs participating in this love-filled hop!  So go, meet some new friends.  Fall in love with some new books.

Bonus: Following on Twitter?  Look for the #BooksWithLove hashtag for the latest up to date info on the hop and of course the  gushing over all the dreamy prizes!

The contest runs from Feb 14th, at 12:01 am to Feb 16th, at 11:59 pm, so that’s just three days to get your hop on.

Now, we do have to warn you.  Not only is this our first hop, it’s our first ever giveaway here at Aurelia!  So, well we might have gone a little overboard, but we figure you don’t mind.  Did I mention they are all books about freakin’ love!

More than enough to get you through February in a complete state of blissful abandonment.

First of all, the prizes.  We have three prize packs for you all.  You can enter for one, two or heck all three.

#1. The Young, New & Dystopian Love Prize Pack (US/International)

This prize is open to both US and International* participants and features two of our picks for Most Anticipated YA Titles of 2011!

We’ll be giving away ONE brand new copy of YOUR CHOICE of the following books:

*The Book Depository must ship to your location to qualify for International Entries

#2.  The Love Grounded in Reality Prize Pack (US only)

For those who prefer their love a little more on the realistic side.  I’m not promising the love in these books is entirely realistic, but the settings and participants are well more on the human side.  (ie. no time travel, vampires or greek gods here)

#3. The Para and Twisted Love Pack (US Only)

Like your romance with a bit more imagination? Some of our favorite vampires, zombies, gods, demigods and other paranormal and beyond human love stories are in here.

Alright, Excited?  Heart thumping through your chest?  A little bit in love with a few of these options?  Wanna know how to enter?

Simple. Fill out the form below.

What? That’s it?

That’s it folks.  Of course we love subscribers and twitter followers and people who spread the word, we’d much rather you do that of your own accord, because you find us (or the contest) hugely or even mildly awesome.

But, but, what about bonus points you say?

Honestly, we don’t really believe in them (gasp!)

But, if you are dying to have an extra entry you can leave a (thoughtful, sincere) comment on one or more of our reviews on the site, or really any post you like. We really do love comments! We’ll give 1 bonus entry for up to 3 comments per person.  We want you to take a look around and see if this is the kind of place you might want to hang out now and again. If so, great –  go ahead and subscribe or bookmark us and come back.  If not, well now you know how we roll and you got yourself your bonus points!

Just a reminder you need to be 13 or over to enter this contest,and  live somewhere that The Book Depository ships to in order to qualify for the International Prize Pack (#1).  All winners will be chosen using random.org on or about Feb 17th, 2011 and notified via email. We/TBD cannot ship to PO Boxes, so please provide a physical address.  Also, make sure you follow the rest of the hop when you are finished here, there are some really awesome prizes in store for you all!



That’s all folks.  Thanks for playin’


Click HERE to keep hoppin’


Thanks so much for stopping by!

~Jonesy & Bex


  1. I like the idea of the realistic love. Though, it seems like an oxymoron in those two words alone! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


    1. Hahaha!

      “And it’s beyond my energy to explain why I don’t think that four-letter word that everyone’s so obsessed over and that gets everyone into so much trouble and pretty much makes everyone behave like an ass can live in a place like this. Somewhere during dry cleaning, details, and missed meals, it flakes away and what you’re left with is married people with a tolerable affinity for each other. That little four-letter word can exist only in poetry, or movies of 2 to 3 hours in length. Maybe in a mini-series.

      This place of dull details and irksome obligations is a home only to other four-letter words, which are used much more frequently.”
      — Kendare Blake (Sleepwalk Society)


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