Those Roecker Gals Dish on The Liar Society Dream Cast & More…

Interview: Lisa & Laura Roecker, Authors of The Liar Society

Today we are thrilled to have the writing duo of Lisa & Laura Roecker, whose debut novel The Liar Society hits stores March 1st.  The Roecker sisters were kind enough to answer our decidedly hard-hitting journalistic interview questions, for which we kinda have a girl-crush on them both!  Read along as these fabulous sisters dish about food fights, character crushes and their dream cast – and then try and tell us you don’t think these two rock!

The Interview

First off, congratulations on your debut!  Tell us about The Liar Society, Twitter-style.  (140 characters or less)

When Kate Lowry gets an email from her dead best friend she sets out to prove that Grace’s death was more than just a tragic accident.

It’s been rumored that the two of you are actually one person, with a second “sister” photo-shopped in for publicity.  True or false.

Tralse. Just kidding. It’s false all the way. We really are two people, we just share one brain. Muwhahahaha.

Whose idea was the book?  No, really.

The book was Lisa’s idea. As usual. She is the idea whore after all.

Why did you settle on YA?  Do you think you’ll ever leave the genre?

We decided to write what we love and we LOVE YA books. We’re super-immature, so that might have something to do with it.

How long have you been writing together?  Anyone wanting to start a solo career yet?

We have been writing together for almost three years. If Lisa wrote alone, her book would consist of snarky dialogue and one-liners. If Laura wrote alone, she’d have a setting and tons of description. It’s when we come together that the magic happens. At least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

What is the best thing about writing together?

All the laughter. We laugh so hard we cry pretty much on a daily basis. And it usually involves making fun of ourselves. That just never gets old.

What’s the worst thing?

The guilt associated with letting someone else down. Deadlines are easy to break when you’re in it alone, but a bit harder when someone else is depending on you.

If there’s an argument over plot, or characters, etc. who usually wins?  More importantly, how are the disagreements settled? (I’m picturing food fights).

You nailed it. Food fights or heavy sighing and annoyed questioning. If we have issues with a book, which pop up quite often, we usually attempt to work it out over the phone. Laura will often bring up an issue and Lisa will shoot her down multiple times before she gives up and says, “I’ll just talk to you later.” We take a little simmer-down time and come back to the drawing board. Our breakthroughs occur when Lisa says, “Wait a second, I’ve got it!” Our Eureka moment.

Who owns the most books?

Lisa. Laura just steals them from her.

Who’s actually read the most books?

Lisa. If you go into a library with Lisa, she has somehow read about 99% of the titles. It makes zero sense.

Who stole whose boyfriend growing up?

Lisa wanted nothing to do with Laura’s boyfriends growing up. In fact, it was her mission in life to persuade Laura to dump everyone but her current husband. She’s such a boss.

Who would be in your fantasy-cast for a movie of The Liar Society?

  • Emma Roberts (if she’d be willing to dye her hair pink, of course) as Kate Lowry.
  • Kristin Kreuk as Grace Lee.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Seth Allen.
  • Jordan Catalano as Liam Gilmore. Ha!
  • Dianna Agron as Taylor Wright.
  • Khloe Kardashian as Bethany Giordano.

Nice!  We’ll send a note to Hollywood.  Which character do you each relate to the most?

Laura relates to Taylor because she’s semi-misunderstood and Lisa relates to Kate because she’s completely full of snark.

Who does the typing?

Laura likes to think she’s a faster typist. She often looks up typist jobs on Craig’s List to apply for with all that spare time she has.

What are you each reading now?

Laura just finished DIVERGENT and Lisa’s reading A TOUCH MORTAL.

Great taste! Did you both always want to write when you grew up?

It was always something we just said, without ever really having any intention to follow through. The idea seemed super-overwhelming solo, but when we considered writing together, it seemed a whole lot more manageable. We’re so happy we decided to give it a try.

Who would be your literary husbands/boyfriends/friends with benefits?

We won’t give away any spoilers, but Veronica Roth wrote a boy character in DIVERGENT who we are completely swooning over. She’s a genius. And we’d like to have his baby.

Ha. Good to know! Who or what inspires you?

Other authors. We read books by Sarah Dessen or Pat Conroy or Jandy Nelson or Suzanne Collins and are blown away by their talent. It doesn’t make us want to give up, it makes us want to work harder.

Can you tell us a little about what you are working on now?

We are working on the second book in The Liar Society series and are also writing the first book in a new series. We like series.

So do we!  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today gals.  We are super excited about your debut! The Liar Society will be available from Sourcebooks Fire March 1st!  Be sure to check it out and visit the girls’ (totally rockin’) website at for oodles of goodies including an invite to the virtual launch party, secrets, contests & more!

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  1. Thanks so much for having us, girlies! We appreciate all of the support!

    1. Seriously fun interview! Can’t wait to read the book girls, have fun with the launch!

  2. What a GREAT interview! This wasn’t on my radar but I want to read it just so I can get more of these ladies. Excellent. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Don’t you kind of wish you could be either a) one of their siblings or B) a character in their next book?

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