Winners! {+Bonus Prize Announcements}

Thanks to everyone who entered our  Crafty Chica Novel Prizepack Giveaway.

The winners are:




The winners have been notified and the books are on the way from the publisher.

(Thanks again to Hachette and Grand Central Publishing for sponsoring this contest.)

But, wait… that’s not all…we also had a 3rd winner!


What? How? Why, you ask? Marjorie was one of the two original winners, but she had already won the books elsewhere SO she generously asked that we “give someone else the chance to do the happy dance“, which of course we did…but not without sending Marjorie out an ARC of Radio Shangri-La instead. Everyone happy.  Yes?

Just want to mention kids that this is something we may do from time to time, I’ve usually got a hefty stack of alternate prizes on hand and not only will we use them to make sure winners don’t go away empty-handed – we may just, I don’t know — give them away, randomly and unannounced to our readers.  Why?  Just because we love you guys!  And not everything has to be a formal contest or a part of something bigger.  Keep an eye on our twitter feed as well.  We just might be holding flash giveaways & mini-contests there when the mood strikes.

Also, if you are the kind of person who loves prizes… be sure to drop by Thursday for our stop on Sibella Giorello’s The Mountains Bow Down tour for your chance to win….wait for it….wait for it…. a cruise!   Yes, you are reading that correctly Sibella’s camp is giving away a cruise for the release of this book and you by way of being cool enough to be one of our readers get to be in on it!   I’m reading this book right now, and guys, it’s good.  She makes me so want to be on a cruise about now.  Heck, I’ll even take a cruise with a possible murderer on board.  I’ll take it I tell ya.

Ahem, antsy pants readers will probably notice the sneaky little button on the sidebar.  Yes, the cruise giveaway is open NOW!  Just, be sure and come back on Thursday for our review, contest details and lots of other cool tour tidbits!

For now, congrats to all three Ladies above! Do enjoy the books.

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners. How kind of you to send me a replacement book.
    You are sooo sweet.

  2. Thanks Marjorie for passing along your prize to another – YOU are the sweet one!

  3. I love winning stuff maybe next time I can enter, congratulations to the winners lucky ducks.

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