{COVER REVEAL} Let the Wind Rise by Shannon Messenger

Let the Wind Rise will be Book Three in The Sky Fall Series by Shannon Messenger and even though the book is still in drafts, the title and cover were revealed yesterday by miss Shannon herself. If you are a fan of the series, you will notice a new look for the third book. This is to coincide with a complete redesign for the paperback releases of all three books.

I’m sorta on the fence about these. Just because I loved the original covers so much. Shannon explains on her blog that these covers better capture her story and focus less on the romance and more on the adventure, and I’d agree. I’d also have to admit that seeing all three covers together they look pretty amazing. I especially love the Sky Fall cover with the wind farm!

Cover Reveal

Let the Wind Rise Shannon Messenger

The Sky Fall Series Shannon Messenger


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Tangential Story Time

Oh, and did I tell you about that time I started talking to this girl at Phoenix Comicon, and then after a minute, (because I’m slow, but because I’ve been following her entertaining posts about writing and cupcakes from waaayy back when she first got her agent) I realized she was Shannon Messenger? No?

So… of course I said something brilliant like,”You’re Shannon!” Yup, basically told her HER first name, just in case she forgot, then tried to explain how I knew who she was. But oddly enough telling someone you’ve never met before that you are “friends” on Facebook and twitter just garners blank stares and awkward pauses.

OK, I exaggerate a bit, she was actually lovely to meet in person, and as much as I would have loved to have picked her brain about writing  (and doodles, and cupcakes!) over a nice leisurely brunch, she was in a rush to get to her next panel and I was working a staff shift so I was distracted. Plus, I’m pretty sure both of us were working with a serious sleep deficit that weekend (she was hard at work writing to deadline till the wee hours of the morning. DURING con! Talk about dedication folks.) so I’m surprised the conversation was coherent at all.

Awkward hallway conversations aside, I’m excited to share the news she’s so excited about this weekend! Congrats Shannon on the lovely new covers. Keep the story magic flowing.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I had no idea these had new covers – but I LOVE them. They are perfect! I actually think I might like them more than the originals??? *must read all the books*

    1. *must read all the books too* *need to pause time to read ALL the books in the world* lol

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