{Cover Reveal} Angel Rising by Deena Remiel

Guess What?
Book 4 in Author Deena Remiel’s popular Brethren Series has a fancy new cover and we’re excited to help reveal it to you here today…
but first some background info…

About Angel Rising

Hannah Livingston has the most infamous stalker that ever existed- Satan. She spent her sixth birthday with the Brethren, fighting an apocalyptic war that sent the Dark Prince back to Hell, and the rest of her life wondering if he’d be back for her soul someday. She needn’t wonder any longer.

Gabriel Seeker, Brethren Protector, spends his days and nights rescuing kids from sex traffickers and protecting their lives from further damage. He knows all too well the nightmarish world they’ve been stolen into, and it’s gotten harder to keep secret his own past horrors.

Hannah and Gabriel have always gotten along, first as friends, then as co-workers. She manages his life and he protects hers. A perfect, symbiotic relationship, so it would seem, until suppressed feelings for each other surface and forever change the landscape of their lives. Stricken with PTSD, the determined angel seeks to protect the woman he loves from Satan’s greedy and insidious clutches.

Deceit and seduction, desire and repression, collide in this epic, immortal story of love, duty, and sacrifice.




New Cover Reveal

Angel Rising Deena Remiel

Holy Sexy Angels Batman! I mean, I suppose it makes sense. Heavenly beings, SHOULD look that perfect, right? Oh, and yes, I’ll take my angels in the nude from now on, thanks.


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Tangential Story Time

Yes, once again we get story time with Bex. This one is short and sweet. Did I tell you about that one time at some convention (I honestly don’t remember which one) when I met the lovely and spunky Deena?

She was sharing a book signing and a panel with a publisher I was working with so we got to hang out and she was quite fun. The group of us ran across the street for dinner that we didn’t really have time for (I’m pretty sure wine was involved), and then snuck our contraband pizza back into the convention center causing a minor commotion with the barely pubescent anime cosplayers tracking the scent through the halls.

And then I sat in on her panel, and kinda fell in love with the story of her books. Facebook friendships ensued, yadda, yadda, yadda. Digital waving occurred. LOL

But seriously? So very EXCITED for your new cover Deena. Congrats! And keep the stories coming!

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  1. I really enjoyed your review. I mean you basically sold the book for her. I am ignorant at picking books for myself. Basically, in years past, I looked for Tom Clancy.. and… um… yeah that was the extent. I love to read but that fell to the wayside because of, to put it bluntly, my ignorance. This is an extremely helpful blog for me. Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you are enjoying it, I hope you stick around and find it helpful!

    2. Do you like thrillers like Clancy? or what other types of books do you like to read? Maybe I can give you some recommendations.

      1. Im trying to write my own book actually. I am writing my blog in chronological order as a rough draft to organize my thoughts to paper. I like military/espionage/history based books. I am trying to open my mind to other subjects but I just cant get past my desire to read those books.

      2. Sorry for the delay in commenting back, I missed yours. That’s really cool about your book. Clancy is a master at those types. Dan Brown is good. I also like David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Robert Ludlum.{<–Links} There's more with one-off books that I like, but the above all have huge catalogs that should take you a while to get through if you want to stay in that genre. And I'd say you don't have to stop reading them if that's what you enjoy. As a writer, I always suggest reading in other genres because it helps your writing to expose yourself to different styles but don't force yourself to read something you hate. Spend some time in the bookstore or library on a Sunday morning and read a few chapters of something you wouldn't normally pick up. You might be surprised how much you like it. And I usually try to challenge myself with an off genre read every third book or so. Hope that helps a little – B

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