Call for Co-Bloggers

Reviewers Wanted


Hey Y’all, Wanna Blog with Us?


Aurelia {Lit} is currently looking for

1-2 amazing co-bloggers to review books in the genres of their choice and contribute to regular features on the site.


Basically, how involved you become would be entirely up to you.

Just want to write a review now and then? That’s cool. Want to be our new BFF and contribute all the time? Bursting with ideas for a new series or features? We can work with that too!
We’re looking for a minimum commitment of 1 -2 reviews a month, but a higher volume is certainly welcome. Review copies are available for books in our review queue, and we can discuss other options.

Sound like something that would float your goat?


Whatever Floats Your Goat

See? Cuz, It’s a goat… in a boat.. oh nevermind!

Just contact us using the contact form here or email Bex at and let us know a little bit about you, including why you are interested in co-blogging with us, what your current schedule looks like, as well as where we can see samples of your obviously awesome reviews.

Oh and cuz we just can’t stop ourselves.

Float YOUR goat with pride.

This. {The Goatee}

Whatever Floats your Goatee

And This. {The Mousepad}

Whatever Floats Your Goat

I kinda sorta need them both.

Happy Weekend Everyone. Be safe, and keep your goat afloat!

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