Summer Flings Just Don’t Mean a Thing {Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays}

ssssOk, I decided I’m going to start playing with Kelly {Live Love Read} and the gang for Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays because I don’t do enough fun posts anymore DAMNIT! LOL

But seriously, I have to come in on this one? This month’s theme is Summer Fling. Here’re the rules:

Who is your book boyfriend? Tell us how you met and what your relationship would be like! This can be real (i.e. I was reading SJMaas and came across Rowan and was all ?!$%%$*), or it can be a completely made up story (i.e. Walking along the beach, I spotted him. His body was far too perfect to be true with “Rowan” tattooed between his shoulder blades. My eyes must have been tricking me). Have fun with it. 😉

The problem is that I’m a total book boyfriend slut! I am constantly infatuated with the guy in whatever book I happen to be reading on any given day, and as soon as I’m done with that book, he’s forgotten and it’s on to the next hottie. And I’m not just a slut because I do give my heart away to these gents too. (Yah, I don’t know who uses the word gent anymore, apparently I do. Grammarly suggested I meant agent, but no I meant gent.) It’s got to be some kind of certifiable mental illness having to do with boundary issues, an emotional attachment addict? I just want to love them all, I open my heart to them all. I will be the one, by the end of the book, bawling my eyes out because I am so damn attached to them ALL.

That said, there are a few that stand out over the years that I could at least narrow down the list a little bit, but there’s no way in HELL, I’m going to get it down to one. But here’s my attempt.

Mr. Rochester Jane EyreMr. Rochester – Jane Eyre. This remains to this day, for reasons I can’t even fully understand or explain to myself my favorite book. It makes really zero sense since I’m mostly a YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian type of girl, but this book is a part of me and Mr. Rochester I think was one of my earliest book crushes. I had such empathy for this man and his pain, his position, his loss, and the fact that he would fall in love with Jane. That he sees Jane, when most in his position wouldn’t.

Gilbert Blythe Anne of Green GablesGilbert Blythe – Anne of Green Gables.  Ok, are we seeing a pattern here? I obviously wasn’t always a sci-fi girl. Again this is from my early teens. Gilbert was the man I wanted to marry. The movies came out around the time I was in Jr. High and High School and that just sealed the deal. Every time I read this book I wanted to scream at Anne for being such a dunce and not realizing the Gilbert was in love with her, because if she couldn’t see it, she didn’t deserve him, and I was up for the job.

JAH_Mr-Knightley-Jeremy-Northam-jane-austens-heroes-9172962-1024-567Mr. Knightley – Emma.  Hmm, maybe I should rephrase my previous statement. I like sci-fi/fantasy & classic literature. Obviously. OK, this was my favorite Jane Austen book for many years for its wicked wit, it’s comedy of errors but mostly for Mr. Knightly. He was exactly what Emma needed, and it quite honestly could be the reason that I’m still single today. She was independent, she didn’t need a man in her life, BUT he made her a better person. He tempered her silliness. He scolded her. He made her want to do better, and to know that she could. He loved her enough to want her to be the best she could be, and it wasn’t ever out of selfish motivations or trying to change her into something she wasn’t. He knew the real her when she had forgotten it because she had gotten caught up in gossip and silly plans. I’ve always sort of felt that if I were to ever get married that’s the type of man that I would want in my life. One who wasn’t afraid to tell me when I could do better. One who made me want to be better, but who loved me despite my faults.

Ron Weasley Harry PotterRon Weasley – Harry Potter.  I’m probably in love with half of the characters in Harry Potter, but I think I’d end up with Ron in the end, just like Hermione. His loyalty, his sense of humor, his bravery which I think is even more pronounced than Harry’s because his fear is more pronounced than Harry’s, but he still rises to the challenge, his bumbling ways of courting Hermione and his fierce friendship are just the beginning. Ron is just one of those guys that you can’t help smiling when you are around him. And the kind of person I’d feel comfortable, safe and relaxed around, and probably always laughing. Plus there’s the magic bonus. Which means he has housekeeping duties forever.

Augustus Waters TFIOSAugustus Waters – The Fault in Our Stars. Ok, so I came at this book backwards. I had it on my shelf with all my other unread John Green books, just because there aren’t enough hours in the day people. The day the movie trailer released, I watched it and I started bawling. I picked up the book that day and stayed up all night finishing it. I read it again two days later. Hah. Even now, I can’t quite form a coherent sentence about this book without tears. Just. Augustus. I know you’ve read it. I know you get it. If only the world were populated with countries full of people like Augustus Waters, what a world this would be. Enough said.

OK, I could go on, but I’m sort of breaking the rules as it is. I have five more on the tip of my tongue and heaven forbid you let me include fictional TV, Movie, and Comic Book Characters because this would no longer be a blog post, it would be a book. But maybe I’ll share some tidbits on another day.

Thanks to Kelly and the Sixes for the prompt!

Your turn! Answer in the comments or point me to your blog posts. I wanna hear about your Summer Flings!

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11 Replies to “Summer Flings Just Don’t Mean a Thing {Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays}”

  1. OH MY GOSH YOU PICKED SOME GOOD ONES! How is Mr. Darcy not on this list though?! He’s most definitely my favorite from the classics/Jane Austen. I guess I just really, really like men who are… men… and who don’t always show their emotions… It’s most definitely a problem! In real like too. HA! =) I LOVE YOUR LIST and I’m so glad you joined us today!!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! =D

    1. Ok, confession time. Mr Darcy would definitely be on my list in all his incarnations from the movie versions, Colin Firth coming out the far and away winner in my book, even though he is sort of an ass-hat in the beginning of the story, he does redeem himself enough for lifetimes.

      Here’s the problem I was trying to stay strictly away from movies, tv, songs, manga, anime etc, etc, etc to keep my list from being ten miles long and…

      I haven’t actually read that particular Jane Austen novel.

      I know. I’m a horrible human being and should be shot on sight. I have seen the movie – nay the entire mini-series at least 47 times if that makes it any better, which it doesn’t. But that’s the truth.

  2. 😂😂😂 I love your list! My yearly summer fling will always had to be Mr. William Herondale and Persassy Jackson but some of the summer flings that I added this year would be the oh so amazing aliens Daemon and Aelyx <3

    1. LOL Perssasy Jackson = Love. See the problem with this meme is I’m going around reading everyone’s answers and I now have 51 books in my Amazon cart. Alienated. Did not really know much about. Now I need to have them!! LOL. Plus I haven’t read the Infernal Devices series yet, I have some of them here, but not the whole set, and I’m still working on the first series… but *possible spoiler alert??** do not google William Herondale because the name sounds familiar, but you can’t place it. Because the first thing that comes up is his date of death! How is that not a spoiler? I mean I get that these took place in the past, so obvs he’s not alive today, but, but… I don’t want to think about a character being dead before I even pick up the book!

      …and now I’ve gone and spoilt it for everyone else…



  3. Mr. Knightley is WONDERFUL! *heart eyes* Have you seen the BBC mini with Jonny Lee Miller? Or the YouTube series Emma Approved? Swoons ahead!

    1. Yes to the Jonny Lee Miller, but only once and I get it mixed up with other period prices both those actors have done. He did another Jane Austen. Persuasion? Maybe? That I liked him better in. Anyway I need to watch it again to get it clearer in my head. But noo the You Tube series is all news to me!! Yay!!

      1. I think he was in Mansfield Park!
        And Emma Approved is wonderfullllllll!! The actor playing Mr. Knightley is completely adorable. Have you watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries?? I can’t believe I forgot to list that Mr. Darcy on my post! Shame on me! Both of those YouTube series are the BEST!

      2. Lol Yes! It was Mansfield Park! And no haven’t seen Lizzie Bennet Diaries Either! But at least I’ve heard of that one. Lol. 😜

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