The Beautiful Chaos of Unanswered Dreams {Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays}

ssssOk, last month I decided to start playing with Kelly {Live Love Read} and the gang for Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays because I really want to increase the number of fun posts I do around here. And I did have a great time swooning over Mr. Rochester and generally being a book slut. So I’m back again this month for more torture fun.

This month’s theme is Dream Bookcases. Here’re the rules:

Create your own dream bookcase. What does it look like? What knick knacks are on it? What books are there? What color is it? Use pictures or just describe it!

My dream bookcase, my dream bookcase, my dream bookcase…

I currently have nine bookcases in my house. No ten. None of them would qualify as my dream bookcase. I sort of feel bad saying this, like I’m letting my poor bookcases down, some of them work really hard at being pretty, and sturdy and doing their jobs as bookcases. Some of them I love because they are a little bit quirky and vintage and embellished with charm and they hold their heads up high.

Others are made of cheaper stuff, they are scuffed, scratched and worn. Pieces of exposed chipboard have broken away in corners, revealing the harsh scars of my many many moves. Two now sit nearly empty in the garage, holding only overflow books, and items in that temporary oblivion state between belonging inside and being discarded completely. The bottom shelf of one growing so warped by the sweltering Arizona summer heat that I fear it may be a lost cause. As if I had room for two more bookcases inside my tiny house. Every wall is taken up. If there is a space where a bookcase might fit, one has been wedged tightly into it. In my office I’ve been more creative and moved my double sided bookcase away from the wall and into the center of the room so that it can be accessed and used from both sides because every inch of bookcase space matters.

And yet still my home is overrun by stacks and piles of books. Near the couch where I sit typing there is a small table with 28 books stacked precariously close to my head. A few days ago the dog managed to unplug the cord to my laptop causing an avalanche with this particular stack; books onto coffee, coffee onto couch, couch at the time covered in notes, manuscript, electronics and even more books all of this now covered in coffee with the force of the books causing everything to spill out and down and scatter across the hardwood floor. The aftermath was disastrous and heartbreaking and chaotic, but in the end we all survived.

The point of all this? I don’t know when the last time I counted my books was. I don’t know when the last time I organized my bookshelves or tried to figure out a system for keeping track of what I had or even dreamed about the perfect bookshelves. Because for me, I don’t think the perfect bookshelves exist, unless they are magic and they expand to hold what I need while fitting into the small space that I have, organize themselves, yet are able to instantly find me the book I am looking for, and of course do the work of actually shelving the books themselves because otherwise I’d still just have an empty magical bookshelf and a house full of stacks of books.

I suppose my magical bookshelves would be an ever changing conglomerations of something resembling these but grander, because magic is involved and so my house can, of course, expand to accommodate as many bookshelves as I desire as well, right?

But really I don’t know if I’d truly want all of that if I could have it. Yes I adore looking through Instagram at all the lovely bookcase photos, color-coordinated and perfect, the time they must spend on those things, but I’d be afraid to touch them. My bookshelves are all a mess. If I have a series of books you will find it spread out probably throughout different rooms in my house. And that’s okay with me.

I’m somehow comforted by the chaos of my bookshelves. Their imperfection makes mine feel less pronounced. I feel I can pick up any book off of any shelf at any time without disturbing anything or messing up any aesthetics. Really the only rules I have are that I tend to keep my Non-Fiction and Writing books in my office shelves and everything else well, everywhere else, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. The stack beside me has three writing books that I’m in the middle of studying. And I can’t promise they’ll make it back to the right shelf when I’m done, but that’s okay. It’s part of my beautiful chaos and I’m utterly happy with it that way.

Thanks to Kelly and the Sixes for the prompt!

Your turn! Answer in the comments or point me to your blog posts. I wanna hear about your Dream Bookshelves!

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  1. If you ever do find that fantastic magical bookcase please do tell where to purchase it, ha. I love your thoughts on your bookcases. I think there is some comfort in the chaos of an unorganized shelf (my shelves are hardly ever really organized besides fiction vs. nonfiction). Love your post!

    1. Thanks! I suspect it would have to be somewhere we muggles aren’t allowed to shop otherwise I would have run across it by now! I have a habit of stopping in almost every old furniture store I can find. 😉

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