Top Ten Tuesday: Things Left Unfinished

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week we do a specially themed Top 10 list, and this week’s theme is:
Top Ten Series I Have Yet to Finish

Guys, this week’s list was depressing. Majorly depressing. I love series. I had no freaking clue there were so many that I hadn’t finished until I started writing them down. I came up with 49. 49 off the top of my head!! I’m sure there’s more. And that’s not even including series that I want to read that I haven’t even started yet! I started to make a list for that and was quickly over 100. How in the hell did I get myself in this predicament? I have no clue, other than series have become ridiculously popular right now, it’s almost rare to find a standalone book anymore, especially in YA, and I tend to get lost in that year that I’m waiting for the second book to come out and get distracted by all the shiny new things that come out and just move on to new and shiny things. But I have finished series. Lots and lots of series! It’s just series mayhem out there folks.

So this list was so hard to narrow down, I tried to pick the ten off my list that I really liked the first book the most and really don’t have any reason for not having picked up the rest of the series yet! Here we go:

delirium trilogy1. The Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver – I really have no excuse for this one. I have the second book in hardcover format on my bedside table where it’s been for the past year. I have all the books including the short stories on my eReader, I just haven’t felt pulled towards it. I think I just waited too long on this one and maybe need to re-read the first one to remember why I liked it so much. I remember there were tears and a gushing review, but not too much else.

gone series2. Gone Series by Michael Grant – I again, really liked the first book in this series, it gripped me from the first page and didn’t let go and I was dying to see what happened to these kids next! But I couldn’t get my hands on the next books in the series for a while and when I finally could I had so much other required reading on my hands that they just had to wait, and with this one being a longer series I’ve still been waiting for a time I could put aside to read them all in one go.

3. The Ender Quintet or The Shadow Saga by Orson Scott Card – Ok this is not the only series of Card’s that is on my unfinished list, but it is the only one that is on there out of pure confusion. There are so many sequels to Ender’s Game, which happens to be one of my favorite books and one that I’ve read multiple times and so many ways to go about reading the various strands of series that follow that I quite honestly just don’t know where to start. My understanding is that the Shadow Series is more of a companion series that follows Bean, while the Ender Quartet is more of a traditional sequel scenario, but then there are still other books that spin of from these series? Also, the names of the series seem to keep shifting slightly. Gah! Anyone that can help me out here I’d love the advice!

study series4. The Study/Soulfinders Series by Maria V. Snyder – This is a great fantasy series that came out years ago and was known as the Study Series. I read the first two books and loved them, and got lost again in that gap between the third and I thought final book, but she surprised readers by coming out with a new book this year and rebranding the whole thing as the Soulfinders Series so there should be more books with Yelena to come, which is honestly exciting since she’s one of my favorite kick-ass female heroine’s ever!

5. Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis – Ok, as a writer, as an aspiring YA sci-fi novelist, Beth Revis is sort of my hero. She worked her ass off to get to the point she’s at and I respect the hell out of her for that. I adored the first book in this series. I was counting down the days until the second book came out. And then…her publishers made a really stupid call. They changed the cover art on the second book. The oh so awesome it blew my mind cover art from the first book, gone! It pissed me off. Not enough to not want to read the book, but enough that I didn’t feel the need to rush out on day one and buy the awesome hardcover copy to match my awesome hardcover copy of book one because it would just look pathetic. And it would again piss me off. I figured I’d just buy the eBook and wait and see if they did a re-release with matching covers (which as far as I know still hasn’t happened other than in paperback and they are pretty awful). I know this probably seems really petty to some of you but as an artist and sometimes graphic designer this shit matters to me. The eBook got lost in the sea of eBooks on my reader and still hasn’t been read. I hope to remedy that soon, because Beth, you are still my hero!

6. The Program Series by Suzanne Young – Loved, loved, loved the first book in this series and I actually don’t feel so guilty about not finishing this one yet because it’s not that old of a series, but here’s how my totally irrational brain works. She’s a local author. She shows up at a lot of the same local events to support local authors that I do. I don’t really know her, but we kinda run in the same circles, we have a few friends in common and I feel like one of these days I’m going to end up standing next to her at a party with my third glass of wine talking about how I haven’t gotten around to finishing her series yet. Because if you know me, you know, that’s exactly the sort of thing I would do in such a situation.

7. Idlewild Trilogy by Nick Sagan – Don’t be surprised you’ve never heard of this one by the son of the late Carl Sagan. I’ve yet to meet another human who has. It doesn’t mean the first book with it’s super smart, super crazy twisty trippy YA sci-fi world is not one of my favorite books of all time! At first I hadn’t read the sequels because I literally couldn’t find them anywhere! I don’t even remember how I stumbled on the first one, I swear it just appeared in my life somehow one day. Eventually, I tracked down some copies of the third book, but not the second, and then the second but only in mass-market format, and I had all the others in hardcover. I loathe mass-market, even for reading purposes, they are just gangly and awkward and hard to handle so I’ve been holding out for a better copy, but it looks like Amazon has them all in hardcover now so I’m putting in an order!

8. Time Odyssey Trilogy by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter -This was an incredibly fascinating sci-fi take on the time travel theme that I devoured one weekend up at the cabin when it first came out back in 2003. I had no idea when I was reading it there was going to be a series. It was just good, smart, sci-fi. And then there was the inevitable wait for book two, which did again eventually make it onto my eReader, but not much further and I honestly didn’t even know how many books there finally were in the series until I just now looked it up, but it’s definitely one that deserves to be finished, a pairing like Baxter & Clarke doesn’t come along every day.

the wicked years large9. The Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire – I really liked the twistedness of Maguire’s world. It’s definitely not the broadway play. It was so richly developed and got under your skin and was I think purposely a little bit of an uncomfortable place to be at times. I was very curious to see where he took it next, to see if things got even darker. Again, I’m not sure why I never picked up the next book in this series, I simply got distracted by pretty shiny things and squirrels.

10. Incarceron Duology by Catherine Fisher – Alright, this is a duology, I have little excuse. I’m halfway there. This was another case of trying to track down the book in my local bookstores with no luck. As I’m typing this, I honestly can’t remember if I ever did find it. And since my previous post on the state of my bookshelves explains that I would have to send in a search party at this point to get an answer tonight that’s just going to have to remain a mystery for now. I do know it’s one with such a unique world that I’m not satisfied letting it go unfinished.

Ok, that completes this week’s Top Ten list (I didn’t even cheat this time, but I’ll be adding an unfinished series shelf to my Goodreads account later tonight if anyone wants to see the full list) Let us know what you think. Did you have any of the same series on your list? Leave us links to your Top Ten lists below!

UPDATE 9/9 : The count on my Goodreads list stands at 64 started but unfinished series! 

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  1. I was pretty surprised about Shadow Study too. Pleasantly so, though like you I’ve only read the first two books! I loved them both and I should really get to Fire Study at some point.

    1. Yes! Always great when an author gives us little unexpected gifts like whole new series with characters we loved!!

  2. Ah Incarceron, Wicked! I forgot these were both series. Wicked had so much time between books and the first one is so politically heavy that I dragged my feet to read the second one. I know I own it though! I definitely will add The Program to my list though.

    1. Yeah, Wicked definitely doesn’t fall under light reading. Lol. But the way his mind can even go all this places kind of blows me away. And yes The Program series is really interesting. I think there’s still one more book not out yet on that one too!

  3. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t heard of more than half (like 8) of those series. *sigh* Apparently, despite my best efforts, I still live in a bubble that I need to break out of to find all of these series that people find so enjoyable (because, you know, I don’t have enough series that I want to read already).

    P.s. I have finished the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver and I loved her books. I’m actually trying to get around to reading other things she’s written. Even so, I have to say there were some rather annoying things in the books (that I won’t mention for fear of spoilers). However, I still recommend that you read this one. The second one was really good from what I remember of it. ^.^

    1. I’m actually not surprised when people tell me that. And don’t feel bad. I’m a very eclectic reader! Well not even as much as I could be I suppose because there are certain genres that don’t ever really appeal to me but I’ve still probably read one or two of those ones too. Haha. Although my heart is always with YA dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some picks way way way off that genre!

      And I want to read more Lauren Oliver too. I just downloaded a couple of hers to my nook. I love her writing style!

      1. Haha! Yeah, I suppose I’m not very eclectic when it comes to my reading habits, which is odd considering I tend to be a rather eclectic person. :p Though, I have been trying to branch out more with genres. I have recently gotten back into high fantasy, which I used to read a lot of when I was younger and kind of just faded away from it. So happy I found it again!

        And honestly, can anyone blame you for loving YA dystopian? I mean, there’s so many options with it. ^.^ I love it! I also write it! Haha!

        Lauren Oliver definitely has a unique style of writing that’s very refreshing to the general style of YA dystopian writing.

      2. I write YA dystopian too! That’s why I’m always reading it! Or I’m writing it because I’m always reading it. Chicken or egg kinda deal here. Honestly I fell in love with the first dystopian story I read in the 5th grade and have been hooked ever since!

      3. You read a dystopian in the 5th grade?! What on earth did your school make you read? All of the dystopians I was required to read in school would /not/ have made me interested in dystopians. That’s for sure. My interest in it developed much later in life.

      4. It was just the short story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (another of my favs) and we watched a video short of it as well. I don’t know that anyone else liked it. It wasn’t a that’s so cool kind of thing it was a that made me think in a way that nothing else ever has and now I can’t stop kind of thing and I’ve always loved books that could have the power to do that.

      5. Huh. That’s definitely an interesting way to think about it. Perhaps I’ll have to look into this short story and see what it made you think. I enjoy new perspectives on things. ^.^

  4. Those new across the universe covers are truly terrible. Especially in contrast to the old one, which was gorgeous! I will never understand the logic behind randomly changing covers.

    1. I don’t understand the logic behind half of what publishers do and I can say that with some experience having worked for two of them. Lol. Sometimes brilliant things happen and other times it’s like someone turned off all the brains. Every. Single. One.

  5. Across the Universe and The Program are on my TBR pile.I keep meaning to pick them up! Glad to see you loved the first books in each series!

    1. Yes I’d highly recommend both of those books to anyone. Need to get reviews up in them both!!

  6. Omg. I hadn’t thought of all the series I want to read! That makes my count wayyy over 10! I’m a sucker for buying the first book on my Kindle and then maybe getting around to getting the other ones. I have so many series I haven’t started, it’s crazy!

    I’ve heard that The Program was really good! I can’t wait to check it out!

    1. It’s really unique and that’s what I like about it! And I do the same thing. So many first books. Lol b

  7. What’s even more depressing is that I haven’t read ANY of these books. Also, is it just me, or do the covers of the Delirium trilogy look like Kardashians? The things I cannot unsee.

    1. Hahahahaha. Now I cannot unsee that! This was another publisher cover swap. The original cover for Delirium had a cutaway dust jacket and it was stunning and then book two they went to these but at least they reprinted the whole series to match. I have the first book in both covers because I love the original so much I can’t part with it. And a lot of people haven’t heard of half the books on my list so I’ll take haven’t read as a step up? Lol. I’m an eclectic reader.

      1. I love it! I don’t read a lot of series because I tend to forget things and pretty much have to reread all previous books before a new book in a series comes back. My brain sucks.

      2. If I get too far out I’m the same way unless they’ve done a really good job at planting reminders. There are a lot of books on my list I’ve re read the first book three times in preparation for finishing the series each time for that exact reason! Lol

  8. You’ve reminded me that I never finished the Wicked series. I read the first book years ago and own the third (but not the second…), but I’ve never thought to read them. Not sure why.

    1. Lol my friend just reminded me that I’m going to see the musical tomorrow night I had totally forgotten. I know it’s loosely based off the book but having read the book I also know it’s going to be very very different. I’m so excited!

  9. So I’ve read both Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow and you’re right – same story but following different characters. I’m not entirely sure what order is best to read them in – maybe publication date?

    The Treatment/Remedy are on my TBR too but I can’t remember what happened in The Program!

    There are just so many series to finish! This is exactly why holding off until all are published and marathoning series is the best way to go for me.

    1. Lol I think I only keep remembering it because the first book is staring me down from where I’m sitting on the couch! Lol.

  10. I hope you finish Delirium! I really enjoyed the trilogy. There’s a lot of controversy with the ending of Requiem but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

    1. Thanks Anjie! Oh controversy just makes me want to finish it faster!

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone. I went to see the play the other day and it was so interesting seeing what parts they took from the book. And my friend that was there with me was surprised because she had read the book when it first came out and had no idea it was even a series.

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