Agent Bex Reporting For Duty for Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts

sassy's fangirl debut

Hi guys, today I’m excited to intro Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts a feature I’ll be involved in that was created by Talina over at Sassy & Dangerous! The S.F.D is a top secret organization (AKA a debut author street team) that helps authors dominate the book world and succeed in brainwashing their readers… (just kidding…or are we…)

Over the past few weeks, Agent T. has put together a team of highly trained professional debut supporters and the S.F.D team has been planning a way to destroy reader’s TBRs and we believe, after careful planning and very specialized training, we are finally ready to take on these high-risk operations. 

Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts (S.F.D. for short) is a fun, unique way to help readers keep track of all the debut authors and their new books that are coming out, and it is also a way for authors to promote their books and get readers interested. S.F.D., as a debut author street team, will include author interrogations, (interviews), confidential file exposures (guest posts) and radioactive surprises (giveaways).

Agent T’s highly skilled team of agents, including myself, will be going on special missions that will include fun, challenging and possibly dangerous posts to feature these lovely debut authors and their books. You’ll be learning much more about all the authors and books involved as we go!


Tomorrow will be our first official mission as S.F.D. agents, so don’t forget to stop by here to see if I was able to succeed & hopefully get back out alive. I plan to write and edit my way out of most jams and use my specialized knowledge of Star Wars & Doctor Who as well as other random sci-fi and geek trivia to charm my way into areas where I can collect intel for my missions. When all else fails I’ll just call in Ian Somerhalder for backup. Ok, I might need a little more training or a slightly better plan, but my Krav Maga skills are slightly lacking. In any case, I’m seriously dedicated to the cause, so you can count on me to get the job done.

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    1. Thanks Stef! My T-minus turned into hold the launch but eventually…. Lol!

    1. Thanks Brit! I’m going to be seeing how many missions I can sneak Ian Somerhalder references into. Lol.

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