S.F.D. Mission: Open Letter to Ava Jae

Ava Jae

A Probably Far To Casual Open Letter To Ava Jae

Dear Ava,

Can I just take a moment and tell you how absolutely amazing I think you are. I need to qualify this. Because when I first got this assignment as an agent for S.F.D., I was a little skeptical. We have to write a letter to an author whose book we’ve never even read {ahem, I have now!}, talking not how we are excited about their books, but about them as a person? That could just way too easily veer off into the false flattery zone.

But when I found out it was you–I was in–because I am so excited about your book that I did want to know more about you and… well, I’ll get to that, but let’s just start with your book, because that’s how I got to you.

As book bloggers, we have to be aware of the titles that are coming out so far in advance, so as I was perusing next year’s titles on Goodreads I stumbled across your book and it caught my eye. First of all, it was YA sci-fi, so I was automatically in. But this was more. This was told from the perspective of the alien and not the humans, and that was genius. I’d never seen that done, with humans in the story outside maybe an episode or two of a thousand in the entire Star Trek catalogue. And then you are dealing with rebel groups (which I love) and different races and half-breeds, and I realized you are doing something (I think) that I love, which you can do with sci-fi and that’s calling attention to problems in our own society in these fantastical settings.

Conflicts between races still exist and this will always break my heart, wars still break out between cultures and it’s something I’m really interested in exploring in my own writing as well. My YA book I’m working on now does it with conflict between humans that have been genetically modified pre-birth, and those that didn’t have that advantage and some that have had tech enhancements when they were older, creating this generational complex society that really comes down to not understanding and fearing each other for their differences.

So obviously, I was really, really excited to read your book and see you explore some alien culture bias themes! I’m also, such a big proponent of giving these kinds of reading experiences to teens! This got me looking you up online, and the first thing I found out was that not only did you write YA Sci-fi like me, you were an Assistant Editor at Entangled. And I’m like, Ok, I’m an Editor at Cornerstones and doing an Acquisitions internship at Entangled – we have freakily too much in common!

And then I found it. I had actually heard rumors of this wonderful site before, but had gotten distracted and not checked it out before and now I’m kicking myself for it. Your wonderful blog, Writeability! Oh my heart. Girl. So much great advice. You are even in the middle of revision hell right now with me! Thank you for that!

Then I found this adorable intro video talking about anxiety and it just hit me in the gut and made me want to cry because I get that, I’ve been there and I thought your video was so incredibly brave! You go on to talk about it more in another video here and I love you for it because so many people need to hear this. It gets easier. I was sitting at a convention booth with a bunch of author friends yesterday, and I was feeling that same thing. They were so confident in trying to talk to everyone about their books and why they would love them and I was just thinking, can I ever do that? I’m great with people in most circumstances, but I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety in my life, panic attacks etc., and selling myself, or something I’ve made face to face terrifies me.

I also loved your advice on telling people you are a writer. Yes! This one I’ve been doing for a few years now, and I laughed because yes it does lead to follow up questions sometimes, but you do have to own it. I’m more in that transition phase where I want to go from being able to say I’m a writer to being able to say I’m an author. But it’s still fantastic advice to all of you writers out there!

Which is all to say, Ava, Thank you for putting all of this out there for the world. Thank you for being brave and for taking chances and sharing your wisdom with others because no one is twisting your arm to do that and I admire the hell out of you for it! And I really do think you are amazing. No false flattery required. I’m so excited for you to be having your book out there in the world. I know how much hard work went into that. And I also know how scary that is. But know there are so many of us out here rooting for you, and so many of us that cannot wait!

Why aren’t we friends yet?



About the Author

Ava Jae2

Ava Jae is an author, blogger, YouTuber, college student, and assistant editor at Entangled Publishing. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in English in April 2016, Ava will probably find a bookstore to live in, where she can write her next novel surrounded by the smell of new books and coffee. She can be found on Twitter at @Ava_Jae or at her website avajae.blogspot.com. She resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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About the Book

beyond the red

Title: Beyond the Red
Author: Ava Jae
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Release Date: March 1, 2016

Alien queen Kora has a problem as vast as the endless crimson deserts. She’s the first female ruler of her territory in generations, but her people are rioting and call for her violent younger twin brother to take the throne. Despite assassination attempts, a mounting uprising of nomadic human rebels, and pressure to find a mate to help her rule, she’s determined to protect her people from her brother’s would-be tyrannical rule.

Eros is a rebel soldier hated by aliens and human alike for being a half-blood. Yet that doesn’t stop him from defending his people, at least until Kora’s soldiers raze his camp and take him captive. He’s given an ultimatum: be an enslaved bodyguard to Kora, or be executed for his true identity—a secret kept even from him.
When Kora and Eros are framed for the attempted assassination of her betrothed, they flee. Their only chance of survival is to turn themselves into the high court, where revealing Eros’s secret could mean a swift public execution. But when they uncover a violent plot to end the human insurgency, they must find a way to work together to prevent genocide.

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Goodreads | Amazon | B&N

Thanks for stopping by today guys, I hope you enjoyed hearing about the amazing Ava Jae and her book Beyond the Red which I cannot wait to read!

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Agent Bex…Ending Transmission.

15 Replies to “S.F.D. Mission: Open Letter to Ava Jae”

    1. Yes. Me too. I’m so passionate about the debuts which is why I’m doing this project and is a big part of why I was, am so disappointed with our project falling through. And this book is so in my wheelhouse! You saw when Nori asked last night if anyone had suggestions for Sunday Street Team I didn’t even hesitate. This book!

  1. So excited for this book! I JUST signed up for a blog tour for this because since I saw the cover, I fell in love.
    I’m so glad you and Ava have so much in common – those are some pretty ridiculously awesome connections. Technically at this point you can say that you’re friends right? 😉

    1. Well I just ordered her on Twitter to go back to work so I hope so! Lol. And Yay for the blog tour!!

  2. I haven’t heard as much about this book but it sounds good! I love all the points you touch up on – really makes me look forward to reading it 🙂

    1. Thanks Eileen! I’m glad you are hearing more about it now! Yay! Read it! Lol

  3. I just saw this one today! I love sci fi and its hard to find good ya sci fi. I can’t wait to read this!

    1. Yes! I know Em I’m always on the lookout. I’ll point you towards any I find!

    1. Yay Jess! I’m so excited. And I think it’s really cool too. A lot of people don’t realize how many deep social issues good sci-fi touches on. Because they haven’t been exposed to good sci-fi.

  4. Hi Bex,

    So I’m a little late in responding here, in large part due to revision hell you mentioned above, but I’ve wanted to respond and now I can. So. Hi.

    I’ve read this letter three times now, and I’ll probably read it again, and let me tell you, I haven’t smiled so hard in a while. I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am that not only are you excited about my book, but you were able to find other connections to me, personally—and so many of them! I mean, the YA SF love, plus editing, plus Entangled, plus anxiety—it’s a little uncanny and I love it.

    So yeah, thank you so very much for this. Every time I read it, it makes me smiley and emotional again, and this is so much more than anything I ever imagined receiving, especially *before* publication so thank you, thank you, thank you.

    This letter is amazing and I can’t wait to share BEYOND THE RED with you (I hope it lives up to your enthusiasm!), and please do feel free to give me a shout on Twitter, or on the blog, or whatever other social media hubs I have. I’d love to connect with you.

    P.S.: As far as I’m concerned, we are totally friends. 🙂


    1. Aww Hey Ava, Thank you! I’m just so happy I made you smile! And I’m glad you made it through revision hell. Yay! I will totally stay connected. Just found out I am getting an e-galley of your book to review through Nori’s Sunday Street Team, so I’m super stoked, becuase my crammed schedule lately means I have had time to do no ARC requests and I have a feeling yours is going to be a really hot commodity. She had to shut down sign ups for your Sunday Street Team feature in record time!! But yes, my friend, I will totally keep in touch and shout out and say hello! Just cause I think you are so awesome! 😉

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