Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Review + My Wicked Reads Picks & What’s Happening This Week

WickedReads_Sticker_15_2p2We’re creeping towards Halloween and that means it’s time to get scary with our reads. I’ve been curled up with some awesome creepy stories this week and I hope you’ve done the same, but just in case you haven’t I’ve got a full Wicked Reads post starting off with my review of Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and heading into some suggested scary reads from me and some of my readers! I’ll also fill you in on some of the other cool things going on this week on Twitter including how you can win your own set of Wicked Reads!


Slasher Girls & Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke

About the Book

Title: Slasher Girls & Monster Boysslasher girls cover
Author: April Genevieve Tucholke (Stories Selected by)
With Stories by: Stefan Bachmann, Kendare Blake, Jay Kristoff, Jonathan Maberry, Carrie Ryan, Nova Ren Suma, April Genevieve Tucholke, Leigh Bardugo, A.G. Howard, Marie Lu, Danielle Page, Megan Shepard, McCormick Templeman & Cat Winters
Publication: Dial Books (Aug 18, 2015)

For fans of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Lois Duncan, and Daphne Du Maurier comes a powerhouse anthology featuring some of the best writers of YA thrillers and horror

A host of the smartest young adult authors come together in this collection of scary stories and psychological thrillers curated by Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’s April Genevieve Tucholke.

Each story draws from a classic tale or two—sometimes of the horror genre, sometimes not—to inspire something new and fresh and terrifying. There are no superficial scares here; these are stories that will make you think even as they keep you on the edge of your seat. From bloody horror to supernatural creatures to unsettling, all-too-possible realism, this collection has something for any reader looking for a thrill.

Fans of TV’s The Walking Dead, True Blood, and American Horror Story will tear through tales by these talented authors.

The Review

I kinda fell a little bit in love with this book. Which was surprising, and yet not. I don’t consider myself a big horror fan. I don’t read a lot of horror fiction. But suspense, yes! Thrillers, sure. And, short stories, absolutely they are one of my favs! The list of authors on this title and the description of it caught my eye months ago and it went on my TBR, so when I had a chance to be a part of Wicked Reads with Penguin Teen, it was my first choice for books to review! Even now looking at the Synopsis: Stephen King –  Fan, Neil Gaiman –  my idol, Daphne Du Maurier – wrote one of my favorite books of all time and True Blood and Walking Dead I may be a few seasons behind like I am with every TV show, but I still love both those shows! And then there are so many of my favorite authors writing the stories here, so many I madly respect, some for their dark twisty tales yes, but so many that I loved seeing this different side of them too. Seeing them write something a little darker, a little more twisted than what we normally see from them was so much fun!

One of my favorite things became reading at the end of each story, in tiny upside down print what had inspired the author’s to write that particular piece. Often it was a movie or a combination of movies, but sometimes a song or TV Series. I found myself as I went, trying to guess what the author’s inspiration might be for that story, and silently high-fiving myself if I happened to guess a puzzle piece right (because yes, I am just that big of a nerd, and that’s how I have fun)

slasher girls insta
From my Instagram @Once.Upon.A.Never.After

I almost don’t feel like it’s fair to try and choose favorites from this book, because I really loved so many of the stories in different ways! They all brought different things to the table. Jonathan Maberry’s “Fat Girl with Knife” was poignant, kick-ass and funny! Leigh Bardugo’s “Verse Chorus Verse” was very classic horror tale with a modern day tabloid spin, Nova Ren Suma’s “The Bird’s of Azalea Street” was fresh with a creepy and vengeful version of magical realism and Jay Kristoff’s “Sleepless” is a cautionary tale for the internet age that almost puts Psycho to shame.

I could go on of course. I could probably write a treatise on each and every one of these stories, but I won’t. I want to keep the mystery, because it’s the best part. Because you owe it to yourself to pick up this book! Now. Read it for Halloween. In the dark, with a flashlight, if you can. Or in the daylight with all the lights on if you are too scared, like me. But once you start reading really, the fear sort of melts away and the (ok perhaps at times morbid) curiosity and the wonder take over and I promise, you won’t want to put this one down.

5 out of 5 Hunting Knives to the Forehead!

5 stars



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More Wicked Reads

Here’s what else is on my spine-tingling wishlist right now:

The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen by Katherine Howe

Nightfall by Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinkski

Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

Survive the Night by Danielle Vega

Looking for more recs?

Check out what my readers are reading this month for Halloween in the comments section of this post & enter to win a book from my fall TBR!

Twitter Ghost Story

Now thru 10/31 write a spooky story in 140 characters or less using #TwitterGhostStory to enter for the chance to win a prize pack of the Wicked Reads featured titles. I’ve been following this hashtag, and some of the authors are playing along, so there are some pretty cool stories on there! Check it out & play along!

twitter ghost story

Wicked Reads Twitter Chat

All month long @penguinteen has tapped some awesome bloggers to chat with Wicked Reads authors on Fridays about their books and you can join in on the fun. I was able to attend the first chat and it was lots of fun!

There’s one more chat this Friday 10/30 at 4pm EST hosted by @mashreads! Here’s the lineup:

I’ll be there. I hope you can make it too.

Ok, that pretty much wraps up our Wicked Reads edition of creepy crawly goodness. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve read any of the books above, or have them on your TBR or feel free to tell us what you’re excited about reading this Halloween!

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  1. I’ve seen nothing but good things for this book, and I wish I had time to read it before Halloween!

    Great review! 🙂

    1. It’s awesome. Read even if it’s not Halloween. It’s so worthy!

  2. I seriously need this like asap! You already know how much I absolutely love my horror, and to see people say that the short stories live up the hype has me jumping for joy lol. I should have this on my TBR, if not it’s probably on my amazon wishlist, so I’ll be picking this up veryyy soon! I’m so glad you enjoyed it girl!

    1. Yes! Totally surpassed my expectations in a really good way. It’s like one of those I kinda want to buy everyone for Christmas but it’s not a very Christmassy book lol.

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