Read to Me {Feb Limited Edition T’s & Totes}

Read to Me

BEA Fundraiser

Every book lover knows there’s absolutely nothing sexier or more romantic than being read to by your love. Have you ever wanted the chance to drop a hint for that hunky guy or cute girl you’ve had your eye on (or slept next to for ten years) to let them know exactly what it takes to really win you over?

Try sporting one of these fun limited edition t-shirt designs in celebration of reading love this February.


Here’s The Deal:

I’m trying something new, and just a little scary. I’m planning on attending BEA and BookCon in Chicago for the first time this May and am beyond thrilled about going! But I wanted to try and do something creative and bookish to help cover the expenses for the big trip.

I’ve decided to release a collection of bookish t-shirt designs each month between now and May to help raise funds for my trip. This month’s design collection is book-love themed in honor of Valentine’s Day and well just all of you book lovers out there.

This month’s design campaigns end on Feb 29th so they really are limited editions!

Check out the whole collection here: Read To Me

I hope you like them!

And I’d be F O R E V E R grateful if you see one that you adore if you would just take a second to pin it on Pinterest or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or wherever you like to help spread the word!

You guys rock, you know that, right?

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  1. I shared girly.
    I`m excited to see designs for March (green baby) and will be ordering 1 or 2 for sure.


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