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What We Do.

The Story Studio offers developmental editing, literary coaching, and creative retreats, along with writing tips, resources and promotions.

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Who We Are.

Bex started this site as Aurelia {Lit} in April 2009 as an outlet for her need to talk about books. It has grown and changed over the years and is hopefully ever evolving, into something that will continue to edify and encourage self expression. In 2021 we became The Story Studio, and switched our focus to Editing, Retreats and Coaching for writers. We have some exciting things in store so stay tuned.

Rebekah Montgomery

17886CC4-5BD6-4EFA-8005-46F16DDABFD9Rebekah (aka Bex) is passionate about words, learning and growth. The world and the people in it fascinate her. Besides everything publishing, she loves writing, design, karaoke, and strong coffee. She is on a perpetual quest for the world’s best sushi. (UPDATE: Found it! Tokyo.) When she’s not reading, writing, editing, or designing graphics, you can usually find her traveling the world and exploring other cultures.

She’s the creative force behind The Story Studio and Aéthique, a Store dedicated to ethical and sustainable fashion and accessories. In addition, she is currently an editor for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy Formerly an acquisitions reader for Entangled Teen and Literary Agent Intern for Corvisiero Literary, locally, she also co-founded Half Light Publishing and worked as an editor with AZ Publishing Services.  In the past, she’s also written for TheWOD Newspaper, Blogcritics Magazine, and worked as an editor for WritingNews.org and Writefly! She’s had more than a few less-literary (and therefore, less interesting) vocations and hobbies, most of which involved staplers and spreadsheets and required the wearing of sensible heels, but some of them involved bright lights and stages and belting into microphones with guitars blasting in her eardrums while wearing absolutely non-sensible heels.


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This site is dedicated to the memory of my former writing partner, blog co-host, and dear friend:

Leslie Anne Jones

Besides being an awesome AP English teacher, Leslie Jones (aka Jonesey) coached Girls Tennis, and collected super-cool pencils. Obviously, she was an avid reader and bibliophile. For a while, Leslie was a touch obsessed with YA Lit. and thought she might just be a vampire, but that changed every year when school started in the pseudo-Fall (which is really just a fancy name for August).  Jonesey also loved to travel and get pedicures. She hoped to learn how to knit, to speak Italian, and write a screenplay. She also loved to swim – probably because she was a Pisces….and confessed to a being a total foodie!

So…Who or What was Aurelia?

Well, first of all, it was us!

But before that, it was all kinds of interesting, including: A saint, a jellyfish, the mother of Julius Caesar, a chrysalis, a car, a Romanian gymnast, a hypothetical planet, a hymn, a town in Iowa, the mother of Sylvia Plath, a fictional country, an asteroid, a first lady, a naval vessel, the title of two books (separated by 153 years), a color, and a character in a video game.

We stumbled upon it by a quite convoluted and separate route which included: A forgotten screenplay, a stolen name, a Christian author somewhere in the Midwest, a coveted internet address, procrastination, a mysterious  nom-de-plume, a tattoo, and an overdeveloped sense of romanticism.

Coincidentally: One of us happens to be related to Julius Caesar. That forgotten screenplay relied heavily on the symbolism of a chrysalis. We actually won that second book and have had a few chats with the author.  We are currently on a hunt for the first book, but since that author lived over a century ago, we kinda hope we don’t meet him anytime soon. We also have an affinity for Sylvia Plath and video games. Especially ones that include asteroids, hypothetical planets, fictional countries, and jellyfish.