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Authors, Publicists, Publishers…

Thank-you for taking a moment to review this page.  We are happy to accept review copies, take part in blog tours, and author guest posts, etc.  We receive a number of requests so to make things simpler here are some things to consider:

Our preferred genres include:

We have a special interest in books on the Art and Craft of Writing and review books on these topics frequently.

In addition we sometimes have openings to review exceptional literature in all genres and look for ways we can relate the most titles to the craft of writing. We are especially fans of Young Adult Fiction, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Children’s, Middle Grade, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, Literary Fiction, and International Fiction (esp. British Lit). We also love classics, so if you are re-releasing a title, please let us know. From time to time we will also review exceptional titles in Horror, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit, Humor, Mystery/Suspense, as well as Self Help, Spirituality, & Memoir.

We certainly do not limit ourselves to these genres only, and will gladly consider your request.

Hardcover or paperback copies are always appreciated. At times, E-books and e-galleys that we can transfer to and read on our e-readers are also accepted.  We prefer ePub or PDF files.

If you have a requested date in mind for review, please let us know this in the initial contact. We generally need a month to 6 weeks lead time on a book. However, special circumstances can always be discussed. Also, please indicate if you would like your review posted on other specific sites as we are happy to do so if requested. In general we post most reviews on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads.

Accepting a book does not guarantee a review. While we do try to get to as many books as we can, and to manage the inflow of books, life events sometimes intervene and we reserve the right to decide not to review a book we have read. We might do this for any number of reasons. Often it is that the book wasn’t a good match, and we simply had to move on to the next book on our list. This does not mean your book was bad, it just means it wasn’t for us. Occasionally, a poorly written book may have slipped through our selection process. We prefer not to write scathing reviews as this serves no one. In such a case we will simply pass on the review.

We are also happy to take part in select Cover Reveals, Blog Tours, Author & Character Interviews, Guest Posts, Book Giveaways and whatever other creative ways you can come up with to share your book with us and our readers!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss details please contact us at: or simply send us a message using the form below.

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